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The Bobber 500 is an industrial-grade 5G-ready gateway. Plug and play with FreedomFi certified CBRS small cells (and later Wi-Fi access points), it mines MOBILE, HNT and IOT tokens by offloading cellular data and providing proof of coverage and data transfer for LoRa devices on the Helium network.

If purchasing the Gateway + Radio bundle, you will receive a FreedomFi One Indoor CBRS Small Cell radio, Bobber 500 gateway, and a 60-day Gigsky eSIM (worth $59.99). Currently the estimate shipping time is 1-2 weeks.

For all recommended CBRS Radio options, check out offerings below. 

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Product Description


Bobber 500 miner , At this time, the Bobber 500 will not be available for any other countries outside of the US. such as

Bobber 500 miner Profitability

Bobber 500 will provide wireless network coverage for IoT devices and cellular devices (like cell phones) operating in the CBRS band. In deploying a Bobber 500, users will earn HNT cryptocurrency by offloading cell data for carriers like DISH Wireless and GigSky.

HNT cryptocurrency is freely exchangeable to other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or fiat currencies at many popular cryptocurrency exchanges. Please refer to public data sources for HNT prices and places to trade.

Bobber 500 miner will always mine at least as much as a Bobcat Miner 300 but has the added capability of earning additional rewards by attaching a cellular radio. The rewards for cellular mining will vary depending on a number of factors including: such as

  1. Location of the Gateway
  2. The Capability of the Small Cell Radio
  3. The speed and Reliability of Your Internet Connection
  4. The Number of Roaming Partners on the Network.

Additional Hardware

Yes. In addition to the Bobber Gateway, you will need to buy a radio, certified to operate in the CBRS band. We are currently working with FreedomFi to certify small cell radios that will be available to purchase on our website. such as

At this time, the Bobber 500 will not be available for any other countries outside of the US. Fore more information, go to. Such as


  • Bobber 500 ships from stock Within 1 Week . The product will show ‘Out of Stock’ once sold out. It is possible to order again after inventory replenishment.
  • The estimated delivery time is roughly 8 weeks from date of order.
  • We cannot ship outside of the United States.
  • We cannot ship to a PO Box.
  • Payment only via Coinbase, Binance commerce or Blockchain

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