NVIDIA GeForce-RTX 3090 24GB

NVIDIA GeForce-RTX 3090 24GB

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GeForce RTX 3070 FE


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8 reviews for NVIDIA GeForce-RTX 3090 24GB

  1. Troy Madison

    In Canada i’d difficulty getting this, so i saw a referral on a blog about crypto min machines and decided to research about them, went through to their facebook page and studied it for a while and finally i made my order and it came through after 3 days..That was my journey guys and i now love this company for coming through for me.

  2. Bruno Quincy

    Love it
    its really a beast as people say
    no complain
    good customer service here.
    trustworthy i tell you…. Big love from France.

  3. Alec Anderson

    Man delivery to Europe you’ll wait and get exhausted, i waited for 5 days for mine to arrive here in Latvia… But it was worth it..
    my recommendation to this wonderful company. Crypto min machines.

  4. Chris Dorton

    This card is a beast! No complaints. The only thing is make sure you have a full tower this card is big!.
    A+++ nvidia.
    hail cryto min machines

  5. Andrian Martinez

    Great Customer services.
    Delivery was 2 days and it was worth it.
    My recommendation to the crypto min machine website for trust.

  6. William Mowers

    After camping for months on Best Buy’s site, and a lot of not making it thru checkout, I finally scored and no i didn’t use a bot. Honestly its way more than I need. I really wanted a 3080 and would have settled for a 3070 but after using my old 1080 in my new rig crowned with a Ryzen 5800x I just didn’t care and was happy to get a card at crypto min machines

  7. admin

    Powerful! I’ve had it for 3 weeks and this thing stayed cool and was able to run everything maxed out. No issues with drivers as I switched from rtx2070.

    The only bad side was it really was super huge. I had to take out two of my hard drives to fit it into my case and it’s already a full size.

    Two 8 pin power cables was all I needed so a little bit better than some of the other cards that required 3.
    Big recommendation love to Cryto min machines for this.

  8. Tony Hedley

    The holy grail of gpu’s.
    What more can I say.
    Actually I have more.
    It’s huge, and that’s an understatement.
    It runs wicked hot.
    If mining the thermals need replace.
    But its 3.0 backwards compatible so if you have a pc from the past 10 years you’ll be good and the 24gb ram is more than enough for anything.
    Waited 2days after payment in the house so happy I was able to get one.
    Thanks to Crypto min machines.

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Product Description

NVIDIA GeForce-RTX 3090 24GB , is colossally powerful in every way, giving you a whole new tier of performance. It’s powered by Ampere—NVIDIA’s 2nd gen RTX architecture—doubling down on ray tracing and AI performance with enhanced RT Cores, Tensor Cores, and new streaming multiprocessors. Plus, it features a staggering 24 GB of G6X memory, all to deliver the ultimate gaming experience. such as

Features Of  The NVIDIA GeForce-RTX 3090 24GB’s such as

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090

With a 1725MHz boost clock speed to help meet the needs of demanding games. such as

24GB GDDR6X (384-bit)

24GB GDDR6X (384-bit) Video Memory. such as

PCI Express 4.0

PCI Express 4.0 and earlier PCI Express 3.0. Offers compatibility with a range of systems. such as

Antialiasing and anisotropic filtering

Antialiasing and anisotropic filtering delivers striking graphics with incredible realism. Such as

DirectX 12 Ultimate : such as

DirectX 12 Ultimate, Vulkan RT, OpenGL 4.6 support.

What’s Included : such as

Key Specs : such as

  • Type of Memory (RAM) :
  • Maximum Number of Displays Supported :
  • Compatibility : such as

    • Operating System Compatibility
      Linux, Windows, Not Applicable

    Feature : such as

    • API Supported
      DirectX 12 Ultimate, Vulkan RT, OpenGL 4.6

    Included : such as

    • Included Software
      GeForce Experience

    Warranty : Such as

    • Manufacturer’s Warranty – Parts
      3 year
    • Manufacturer’s Warranty – Labor
      3 year